People often ask us what is our favourite tea. And the answer is, that we’re very fortunate to be able to pick our teas by mood. So instead of having one or two favourites, we pick our teas depending on our mood, or, especially in the case of our Wellness Blends, how we want to feel.

We do have one or two regulars. Not a day will go by that we don’t have a Masala Chai between us, and Bedtime Blend is part of our wider routine, but aside from that, we focus on letting our moods determine our choice of tea.

So here is a handy guide for you to do the same!

Uplifting Teas

For when you want to feel invigorated, energised or uplifted, our recommendations would be

Masala Chai for a spicy and uplifting, yet grounding brew. We start our day with this one, either with milk or sweetened with honey or sugar too. It’s a really a really good way to start the day with a strong and spicy cup of tea.

Happy Blend is for when you want to lift your mood and energy. It’s a softer blend than Masala Chai, and perfect for PMS. We like to use it on days of low energy or mood.

Clarity Blend contains the same awakening and invigorating effects as caffeine, but is completely caffeine free! A combination of fragrant herbs and functional medicinal herbs is used instead to replicate the effects of caffeine, but with a smoother energy release than the spike and crash we associate with coffee.

Relaxing Teas

When you want to unwind, decompress or treat yourself to a pocket of peace in a day, we’d suggest

Bedtime Blend is not just for bedtime! You can drink this throughout the evening to help you slowly decompress and let go of the day so far. Although our favourite way to enjoy this is in bed, with a book.

Our Camomile is sourced and prepared differently to the regular stuff, which means that the taste is gentler, sweeter and more balanced than most. If you’re not the type who normally likes Camomile, but do want to enjoy its relaxing benefits, give our blend a try.

Milk Oolong is soft, fragrant and will bring you back into your senses. We also like the fact that this blend is rich in antioxidants and Theanine, an important precursor, we’ve heard, to relaxation.

Sweet Treat Teas

When you’re in the mood for treating yourself, or lifting your mood by means of a sweet treat, try

Butterscotch is perfect for an after dinner treat. A delicately balanced combination of sweet and savoury, with light notes of sea salt, this blend brings to mind toffee, and can be drunk with milk to bring out its creaminess.

After Eight (Thirty) our first ever award-winner, this blend is the perfect combination of mint, chocolate and cream to enjoy after dinner, and aid with digestion too. Again, can be enjoyed with milk and, like the Butterscotch, is completely caffeine free.