Trade Partners

Beyond Tea

We have a big focus on what we can do to help you deliver the best possible tea experience for your business, from Cold Brews, Iced Teas and food pairings – but we understand that there is more to it than just tea sometimes. Beyond Tea is a small curated collection of our favourite independent businesses to support your drinking experience.

Drinking Chocolate

Harry’s Hot Chocolate

Curated by the most wonderful couple Harry & Chloe, we met these guys at the Birmingham Coffee Festival and immediately hit it off. Based in Cheshire, they have an incredible selection of drinking chocolates and baked goods for your establishment.

Harth Chocolate

This Somerset team are located just up the road from us in Bath, we recently partnered up to exhibit and sponsor the Hay Literary Festival – a huge success, this wonderful team have a really personal touch and are creating some of the most incredible micro-batch chocolates available.

Drinking Powders


Are another Small Independent business we LOVE, we’ve been crossing paths with these guys for some years. They’re a small team of three creating incredible quality drinking powders with a super down to earth touch and real focus on quality.


If you’re looking for family run, high quality, truly authentic drinking experience, the team at Pamban have got you covered. With a big presence in the speciality coffee scene we met Aruna & Mayhul at our first ever London Coffee Festival and we’ve been touring together ever since!


Hundred House Coffee

It’s difficult to stand out in a category with the precision, truly specialist and saturated nature as coffee, but the team at Hundred House, figure-headed by Annabelle & Matt, have created a brand that we genuinely aspire to. The team they have cultivated, the coffee they create and the projects they inspire have a real standout effect; combine this with the fact that they are ALL lovely people, you cannot go wrong in choosing them as your coffee provide of choice.

Girls Who Grind Coffee

Located just down the road from us in Frome, we actually met Casey & Fi at the London Coffee Festival. Womxn-led, GWGC source and roast crazy delicious coffee, with a focus on sourcing from change-making womxn and unquestionably immense quality. Stand out, shop local, fight for change and Fuck the Patriarchy.


Old Forge Creations

When we first started out, in the midst of lockdowns, we had a small online presence of which Joe at Old Forge was a follower. Through numerous exchanges Joe would later become a beacon for guidance and support, they have helped us to shape what success looks like for ourselves. We love all the work that Joe produces, with truly innovative designs, glazes and unbelievably precise attention to detail – all products are handmade and any business would be lucky to have this work as part of their drinking experience.


Another local maker, this time based in Frome, we met Fi on one of our first visits to the sleepy Somerset town. Their studio welcomes you in off of Catherine Hill with promises of warmth, immersive engagement and a friendly smile. Fi dances the line between pottery in art and as functional pieces of stoneware, each piece is truly unique and a genuine pleasure to sup from.

Other Drinks

Henny & Joe's

Based just up the road from us in Bath, Henny & Joe’s create beautifully crafted Chai Infusions & Concentrates for use at home and in the cafe environment. Each blend is naturally caffeine free, entirely vegan friendly and packed full of flavour. Like us, Ash & Lottie share a passion for Independent Small Business and Sustainability, with all of their products being 100% Plastic Free and sourced Ethically.

Real Drinks

Award winning and alcohol free, the team at REAL craft beautiful drinks to satisfy and quench your thirst with a passion and focus for quality, sourcing and flavour. Another small independent business, these drinks crate a real point of differentiation.

Dairy and M!lk

Brades Farm

Family run and with a true focus on regenerative farming and animal welfare here in the UK; The Towers Team bring an incredible passion to the world of dairy that delivers incredible consistency, quality and service.


When asked, we always try our best to recommend that the M!lk alternative of choice be an Oat Milk. Oats are a pre-existing crop and when compared to other milk sources, are significantly less water-intensive; combined with the fact that oat cultivation encourages great biodiversity – oat milk makes for a far more sustainable alternative to Dairy and other milk alternatives. We met the Unordinary Team at the Bristol Coffee Festival and can’t think of a better partner for your M!lk Alternatives.