Who We Are

NUDITEA is an Independent Whole Leaf Tea Specialist based in the UK, serving up and supplying carefully sourced and quality blends in plastic free and compostable packaging and teabags.

Tea, through the years, has rooted itself at the heart of life’s little meaningful moments, sat next to you in your favourite mug, it’s been there for every early morning, to warm you up after a cold walk, for those deep and meaningful conversations between friends and among the blankets on the weekend – tea has sat and observed and become part of those conversations and moments to add a little more joy and beauty to your day.

Inspired by these little moments of calm and comfort, we set out with the goal of bringing a collective community together over a shared cup to celebrate in life’s little moments of joy. Made in the UK, with ingredients sourced from trusted smallholders, all of our blends are packed in plastic free and compostable packaging to bring you a delicious, quality cup of tea – just the way you like it, whenever you need it.


Our Story

The concept of NUDITEA started life in late 2019 from our flat in London – inspired by our recent travels, we wanted to create a brand and space that felt like a second home, where people could come together to relax, work, catch up and share in those small meaningful moments and connections over a quality cup of tea. On our travels, we naturally found ourselves drawn to these beautiful welcoming independent spaces created by cafes, coffee shops and studios – and to this day these spaces create a focal point whenever we plan a trip, whether it’s domestic or international.

We wanted to capture the essence of these spaces and what they represented for us and the people that used them. Initially we had ambitions of starting our very own boutique space that focused on ethically sourced, quality single origin teas and herbal blends, but these plans were quickly scuppered by the beginning of what would become a near three-year lockdown on the hospitality sector in the UK. We, instead, redirected our energy and focus into creating something that could be tangibly shared with those who were looking for speciality tea blends that inspired, energised and brought joy into their day. We set about designing, sourcing and blending from our kitchen, we didn’t know what we had yet, but NUDITEA was born.

At the time we started selling just a handful of blends to our friends, before setting up online and attending local events during the small windows we were given throughout lockdowns. The realisation soon dawned on us that, in what was a fairly coffee-saturated market, tea was an untapped space where we could present our offering into those exact same spaces we admired so much – we soon went from drinking in the spaces we loved, to seeing our infusions served in them.

The response was beyond what we could have imagined and the growth was organic, natural and fast-paced, with every penny being invested back into the business to improve on what we had started in a kitchen in our flat, we soon found ourselves being stocked in wellbeing stores, cafes, coffee shops, yoga studios and salons across the UK. We’re so proud to have created a truly ethical, sustainable and independent tea company – it’s brought us so much joy to have brought together this small and loving community.

It’s important to us that as we grow, we remain true to our principles and values, by looking after our planet, people and partners, while minimising our environmental impact. We’ll continue to source the best quality ingredients with an emphasis on deepening bonds and building long lasting relationships with trusted smallholders that pay those that they employ fairly. We firmly believe in putting people and the planet first before profit and it’s why we’ll continue to only shop from and sell to other small and independent businesses. We are independent for the independents.

You can now find our whole leaf tea in numerous locations across the UK and some international spots, but if you did want to learn more about our practices, or just to reach out to say hello or provide us with any ideas on how we can be better for you, please contact us here.

We hope you find this informative and interesting; we love what we have created and derive so much joy in bringing people together over that shared cup. We hope it inspires you to savour those little moments of connection that a pot of tea can bring – and we hope to share one with you too soon.

With Love,

Josh & Sophie x


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We love working with other businesses to help grow their tea offering, and proudly supply our Whole Leaf Teas and Teabags wholesale and direct to business to a growing number of partners.

From Cafes, Coffee Shops and Retailers to Salons, Produce Shops and Caterers, we work with businesses who want to make their tea offerings fun, exciting, conscious and good for the planet. Our dedicated Small Business expertise is always on hand to support you.

If you are interested in partnering with us to sell our products, please get in touch or drop us an email at trade@nuditea.com

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