Our favourite way to enjoy tea is with mindfulness. Slowing down, boiling the kettle, measuring out the right amount of fragrant leaves, pouring over the water. And then you wait. There is nothing do to but wait. And we could use this time to scroll, answer emails, squeeze in an extra five minutes of productivity into our day.

Or we can use it to slow down. Unwind, relax and take a moment to just – be. We often find, in the long run, that in terms of productivity, that this pays back tenfold.

One of our favourite ways to extend this mindfulness is by following a nourishing yoga session with one of our teas.

So here are some of our favourite yoga and tea combinations for you to enjoy too.

If you like Vinyasa Yoga …try Clarity Blend

After a flowing session which leaves your muscles aching, there is nothing better to unwind with than a minty, fresh cup of Clarity Blend. A combination of fragrant herbs and uplifting functional ingredients, this is like a refreshing, minty take on your morning coffee. Full of healthy caffeine, whole leaf herbs and aromatherapeutic benefits, this is the best blend to enjoy after a session of Ashtanga.

If you like Hatha Yoga…try Masala Chai

Capturing the best bits of Hatha yoga, our Masala Chai is grounding and uplifting at the same time. With rich black tea cut from the best quality leaves, whole ginger pieces and a host of other beneficial herbs and spices, our Masala Chai was inspired by an Ayurvedic recipe and brings you the perfect follow up from a session of Hatha yoga – the opportunity to go deeper, unwind, but come out of it feeling energised and alive.

If you like Yin Yoga…try Bedtime Blend

Relaxing yin yoga is like a massage for your insides. It helps us to unwind, restore and fully iron out any heaviness in the body and mind. Bedtime Blend was created with the very same intentions. With a fragrant combination of herbs and flowers, this isn’t just another sleep blend. Instead, the ingredients were carefully chosen and combined to help you unwind, rest but also recharge, ready for the next day.