Image Credit: Foraged and Rooted

Nuditea Wellness Range

We’re really proud of our Wellness Range so, in this post, we wanted to tell you a little more about it.

Our Aim

When designing our Wellness Range, we had three aims: great taste, high-quality ingredients and…something that actually works.

The Method behind the Magic

So for each blend, we carefully selected a core range of ingredients. We felt that, when it comes to functional ingredients, the emphasis needs to be in quality, not quantity.

Why? Because there’s only space for so many ingredients in every blend.

For example, there are lots of great herbal and functional ingredients for, say, helping you sleep better. And we could have used all of them. But each time a new ingredient is added into a blend, the proportions of each of the other ingredients need to be reduced.

In other words — with 4 ingredients, you’re getting a tea that contains 25% of each ingredient. But with 10 ingredients, suddenly you’re only getting 10% of each. And while that’s enough to make the tea sound legit (and allow you to list the ingredient on the ingredients list…), it’s really not enough to actually make a difference. At that point, it becomes a fad, and not a function. And we’re all about delicious taste and palpable function.

Image Credit: Foraged and Rooted

Why we are Different

Our other consideration when designing our blends was that functional ingredients and herbs are a bit like magnets. If you put the wrong combinations in, they repel each other.

So we were super careful when selecting what goes into each of the blends in our Wellness Range, to make sure that the ingredients work well together.

Our final aim was to bring you functional blends that actually taste good too. Because, when it comes to our Wellness Range, we wanted you to have it all. That’s why we spent ages selecting herbs which taste good together, and functional ingredients which don’t stress out your taste-buds.

The result is a range of high-quality, functional and tasty teas that we’re really proud of, and we can’t wait for you to try.