Image Credit: Dean Wilby

Milk Oolong has long been our favourite hidden gem. With it’s subtle flavour and gorgeous golden colour, we call it our magic tea, because it tastes different to every single person that drinks it!

Some say that it reminds them of Apricots and Peaches, others have said Strawberries, we think it tastes like Coconut or Jasmine depending on the day.

It truly is a magical little blend

Plus it’s completely natural! The taste comes purely from the way that the fresh tea leaves are rolled and roasted.

With the warmer weather, we’ve been experimenting and icing some of our favourite blends.

With it’s smooth flavour and easy-to-drink taste, Milk Oolong was one that we were definitely excited to try!

And we were not disappointed – it was everything that you want from an Iced Tea. Refreshing, Delicious and SO Summery.

So here is our recipe for a perfect Iced Milk Oolong:

  1. Grab 1 tsp of our Loose Milk Oolong or 1 x Teabag
  2. Pop it into 100ml of Hot Water (c.75ºC) for 2 minutes and 30 seconds
  3. Pour over Ice and top with Cold Water
  4. Keep the Tea or Teabag in for another minute

Remove and Enjoy! So simple, so delicious.