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Fifty Shades of Earl

(7 customer reviews)


This playfully colourful Earl Grey makes a strong and zesty cup from the highest quality black tea leaves. With rich, bergamot notes and tastefully complementing citrus flavours, produced by dried lemon and orange rinds, combine to create a delicious, perfectly balanced and traditional Earl Grey tea which does not weaken, even with a generous splash of milk.

Earn up to 100 Tea Leaves.

Tea Measure
1-2 Teaspoons
Water Temperature
Steep Time
2-3 Minutes
Tasting Notes
Strong, Citrusy & Refreshing
Caffeine Content
Pack Size
100g or 15 Teabags

As one of the first teas that we ever created, we knew that this Earl Grey should be everything that is traditionally beloved in this classic English tea – strong, rich and citrusy, with powerful sharp and floral bergamot notes.

The base of the tea is made with two whole leaf black teas, rather than the traditional single black tea usually used for Earl Grey blends. The result is a much stronger and richer cup of tea which pairs well with a generous amount of milk. The natural notes of Bergamot lend the tea a robustness of flavour, with sharp and fragrant citrus from the dried lemon and orange peels – evocative of sunny citrus groves in the summer. The result is a traditional English tea which is playfully light, zesty and floral, yet strong and richly flavoured.


Sri Lankan and Indian Assam Black Tea, Lemon and Orange Peel, Blue and Red Cornflowers, Sunflower Petals, Natural Bergamot Flavouring

Sustainability & Sourcing

We place a strong emphasis on Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability. Our commitment lies in supporting producers who prioritise quality, organic cultivation, and regenerative farming practices, while ensuring the wellbeing of their employees. By paying a premium for these exceptional teas, we actively contribute to enhancing the lives of tea workers and embody the principles for a truly ethical and sustainable tea industry.

Our teas come from a diverse array of unique tea estates in countries like Japan, China, India, and Sri Lanka (Ceylon). All of our products are hand blended in small batches and we manage all of our packing and shipping in-house to ensure quality and care throughout the process.


We are proud to be 100% Plastic Free. Our packaging uses fully compostable materials like kraft paper and plant-derived PLA, ensuring a sustainable choice and uncompromising freshness. Our teabags are made from Soilon, a plant-based mesh derived from Organic Sugarcane, making them fully biodegradable. You can dispose of our packaging in a food waste bin, contributing to a cleaner environment and supporting a greener future.


Order by 1pm for Next Day Dispatch Monday to Thursday with Free UK Shipping on orders over £30. Orders received after 1pm will be dispatched the following working day, excluding Public Holidays. Learn more about our Shipping & Return Policies here.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Choose Blend

Loose Leaf Tea, Whole Leaf Teabags

7 reviews for Fifty Shades of Earl

  1. Josie Marshall

    Absolutely perfect! It’s become my favourite Earl Grey since my friend introduced me to this brand last year.

  2. John Eagle

    Magnificent. Much the most enjoyable Earl Grey I have ever had.

  3. Sally Sullivan

    The most delicious earl grey (and I’ve tried my fair share). I discovered nuditea at Hampton Court festive fair and now any other tea seems inadequate. Refreshing, floral and absolutely beautiful to look at, I need a clear tea caddy!

  4. Jessica Roach

    Not normally a fan of Earl Greys but this one hits the mark. Tastes different to the rest (in a good way!!!) and I definitely won’t be looking back

  5. Poppy Langdon

    My friend recommended this. Will definitely be buying again!

  6. Terry Thatcher

    The tastiest Earl Grey I’ve had for sure. Love the name too 😉

  7. Daisy Langford

    An exceptional Earl Grey 💜

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