Image by Morag Hensleigh

Autumn can be a season for magic, beauty and spaciousness. But it can also feel hard to balance your mood in the Autumn. As the days draw in and the easy excitement of summer fades, we are sometimes left feeling fatigued, lethargic and uneasy.

All this means is that a new balance needs to be found which captures the new energies of the season. With less sunlight and colder weather, there are some easy ways to balance your mood and tap into the season’s beauty and magic this Autumn.

Update your supplements

Although in the ideal world we would gain everything we need from the food that we eat, often this isn’t feasible. Especially if you try to eat seasonally, you will find that nourishment is harder to consume as the months get colder. With this in mind, there are a few supplements that we like for their seasonally uplifting qualities.

Vitamin D is a go-to, paired with Vitamin K, this is a great supplement for recapturing the benefits of all the summer sunshine.

Chlorella is another, a great anti-fatigue supplement which can help keep energy levels up.

Finally, Vitamin C, whether in supplement form or sourced naturally, through the Rosehips that are so abundant at this time of year, this vitamin is also great for balancing energy.

Get outside

Especially as the days get shorter, it’s important for our circadian rhythms to engage with the sunshine hours of the day. This means stepping outside under an hour after waking up (even a quick cup of tea on the terrace is enough for this) and finishing the day with another quick walk or outdoor sitting.

Your circadian rhythm balances everything from hormones (including the hormone which helps with sleep, melatonin) to neurotransmitters to overall mood, so a little can really go a long way. And, extra benefit – it’s completely natural and entirely free!

Drink some tea

We created our Wellness Range with taste as well as functionality in mind. We were tired of teas which did what they claimed, but tasted like boiled kale, but also of yummy blends with no actual foundation in herbalism, often contradictory ingredient lists, and sometimes far too many herbs for the body to derive true benefits.

So our Wellness Blends are made to address specific moods, and help repair these. In the Autumn, Happy Blend becomes our go-to. With a hot chocolate taste, this blend was created to uplift your mood, energise you in a natural way that’s not unsettling to the nervous system, and is especially good for PMS and hormone balance.

We also gravitate towards Immunity Blend designed to do just what it says on the tin, but with a refreshing and comforting Lemon and Ginger taste.

For the lethargy and fog that descends as the sunshine hours wane, we like Clarity Blend, a natural source of caffeine and energy.

Finally, we like Bedtime Blend, which is perfect for helping us unwind in the evenings and get a good night’s sleep, which is so essential for balancing mood.

Read up on it

One of our favourite books for this time of year, and on the topic of balancing mood, is My Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell. It’s a really easy to read, atmospheric and captivating book about the author’s journey of moving country and trying to work on living a happier life.

Another is A Year of Living Simply (we sense a theme…) by Kate Humble. A journey across the year of ways to live a happier life, using simple joys and small adjustments.

Get cold

There have been numerous studies to show that a cold shower is good for balancing mood and easing symptoms of lethargy and even depression. A two minute cold end to our shower can make the world of difference for making us feel cleansed, recharged and invigorated for a long time afterwards.

It’s easier to brace yourself for this if you are nice and warm to begin with, so have your ordinary shower first or do this after exercise for an extra boost.